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That thing on your bed looked like a cat or something. That is so strange. Now I’m wondering how many are all around me. Great videos, Vickie!

What? That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen! The thing on your bed. Wow! Did you sleep there? I think I would have slept somewhere else!

Hello! That last video is wild! It was sure turning its head. I got a few stories to tell.


Hello all! That was such a cute video with your Henry. I miss my dog named, Wolf. I always feel him too.

This is what I’m going to do. Call me lazy but I can do this from my bed. LOL

OOOHHHH! I love the videos. One of my favorite things to do when I’m attending a program at Monroe Institute is to film the orbs inside my CHEC unit, especially using the slow-mo feature.

In a few days, I’ll see if I can upload some of those pics. I also have a great pic at Lake Miranon at Monroe. I was taking a pic of two friends. I told them to ask for an orb to land in their hands. One huge orb did…it’s fabulous.

Hi Vickie…Let’s see, how many times have I been to TMI….well, I’ve completed all of the core courses and I did Tom Campbell’s “My Big TOE”, Bill Buhlman’s “OBE Intensive.” I think that’s at least 10 courses isn’t it?

You know, as I sit here thinking about all of the “events” that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience while there, it makes me wonder what might happen if I did any of those courses a second time.

So you did Gateway and what other course?

WOW…this is interesting, Vickie. The only time I saw an orb was when I attended a conference at TMI. A guy sitting next to me had a special camera that could capture that kind of energy. He took a picture of the speaker and showed me she had a huge orb right next to her head.
The picture was quite detailed and it showed the orb having an intricate pattern of what looked like string patterns of energy within the orb at its core.

Hi again…thanks for posting the mpeg of Henry’s orb. It was short, but interesting.

In a way, this reminds me when Tammy MAtheny talked me into taking “Heartlines” at TMI when it was being held on Robert’s Mountain. I could be wrong, but I think she really wanted me to experience the house after hearing about all of the “events” I had had at the Nancy Penn Center.

There weren’t a lot of students attending his corse, so she put me in a room that some of the students preferred not to be located/. There are two CHEC units in each of these rooms and the other was vacant so I had the room to myself.

When I go to TMI I am normally pretty excited and it takes a while for me to calm down at night enough to sleep. Knowing this, I always bring my laptop and one season of “Frasier” so I have something funny to watch at night.

That first night, I watched “Frasier” season 3, “The Innkeeper.” The laughter was good, wore me out, and I was trip’n into never-never land. Geez, the dreams I was having were intense. The next thing I know I hear this LOUD banging on the door….several times.

I finally got up to answer the door, but being in an unfamiliar room and it being dark, I was stumbling around. I heard the banging even louder now, but I finally made it to the door just as the last BANG hit. I opened the door thinking there must be some kind of emergency, but there was no one there and it was silent.

Hmmmm, I went back to bed, but had a hard time relaxing enough to sleep.

At Breakfast, I spoke with a new friend who claims to be able to see and speak with all kinds of entities. I told him about my experience and he agreed to return to my room with me and check it out.

When he walked into the room, he said, “You don’t see these two?”

”What two?” I responded.

”These two! There’s a woman here and she has an assistant of some kind that looks more like a green gremlin or something. She’s offended by new people just suddenly showing up in home uninvited,” he claimed.

”Okay, I can understand that. But, what can I do to make things right with her.” I asked.

”When I leave, just sit over there at the desk and talk with her. Apologize for your intrusion. But, if I were you, I’d ask her for her help and share with her what your goals are in this course. Even if you can’t see her, believe that she’s here listening. She might just help you>”

After he left, I did what he suggested. And buddy….I wish I could have shared what I experienced after that. The “events” I had during the exercises were absolutely incredible, intense, totally amazing. After all the courses I had attended at TMI, I had not ever experienced anything like that.

In fact, one thing that the lead instructor told me (that was Penny) after I shared with her what had happened, was also amazing because she said nothing like “THAT” had ever happened there before.

What was “THAT”. I had been helping the kitchen staff clean the dining room up after dinner, but I was running late for the evening session in the cabin. As I walked through the door that leads to the driveway, I felt something really heavy, and long slide down my left side from my shoulder to my waist then it fell to the ground.

When I stopped and looked it was a very large and long snake. When Penny heard about that one…she knew she had “Odd Keith” and there would be more surprises throughout the week…..and I even included one prank.

Ya gotta have some fun amongst all this serious stuff, you know!!

LOL…I was in one of those one time. It was a Starlines course that Francine King was leading. Her goal was to help all the students tour the celestial system during their OBE in each exercise.

As usual, someone was helping me do something different. The first few exercises I felt as if someone was either pulling me or pushing me into a very warm, moist velum. I could feel myself beginning to slowly push into it, but I never made it through.

Then, I think it was the fourth exercise that I began feeling the same thing, but this time I oozed through the sheet and found myself flying low over a shoreline and then eventually a small fishing village.

Gawd, Vickie, I l-o-v-e-d doing this soooo much. I felt like this was what I was originally destined to do, but there was more.

Once I was over the village, I felt drawn towards a young lady. She was so beautiful…at least to me. But, I knew she couldn’t see me. I knew my purpose was to be with her and protect her no matter what she did.

At one point, I saw that she was lured onto the steps of an old Brown Stone townhouse. The person luring her had a dark shadowy presence around him and he was accompanied by two other males.

They began pawing at her in a threatening, disrespectful way and I knew I needed to get her away from them. I finally figured out a way to get out of their clutches and she ended up back on the street. She walked towards a tavern and entered.

I stood there…unseen by anyone….and I began thinking how much I would prefer to just be here…doing this…it felt so natural. Then I thought it felt like I’d been here for at least 50 minutes yet the exercises only lasted about 45. Maybe I could, in fact stay!!

As I thought that, I was instantly propelled back into my body. When I finally reconnected in physical reality, I was so exhausted that all I could do was roll out of the CHEC Unit, fall on the floor, and cry. I had been taken away from something that I knew I could do and it felt so incredibly natural.

Eventually, I regained enough strength to get up and rejoin the others. I waited for the other students to go on break and then told Francine everything…including my attempt to not come back.

She understood, but she cautioned me that had I been successful that would have potentially caused TMI a major problem. I even told Tammy about it (we’re good friends) since she set me up with the earlier surprise on Robert’s Mountain. She said the same thing as Francine.

So, where does that leave me? Shoot if I know. I guess I just have to wait until the time is right which translates to you, Candie, Maverick, and Cari (along with some others) are just stuck with me. 🙂


Weeellllll, let’s see. I think I heard someone tell me that a student didn’t come back after an exercise (if I’m correct, it happened a long time ago). It’s difficult to say if that incident was by choice or if the student had a medical event and it was just their time (what a way to go!)

No one knows the answer to that question, Vickie. But, I love talking about, imagining all sorts of ways it might happen and why, the discussions a student could have with their SG(s) before the decision is finally made…talk about a challenge

What I do know, though, is that all of the experiences I’ve had at TMI during those exercises and a few that have occurred in the middle of the night have been so incredibly fascinating.

I have a story that I’ve shared already with Candie that involves a priori life, a Hopi Indian tribe, a beautiful baby girl, and some “funny” SG’s. If I haven’t share that one with you and you’re interested, email me.

Sorry…..that was me…Odd Keith

Okay….it’ll be a long one 🙂

A couple of years ago I received a call from my daughter. She’s a Detention Officer at the Gallatin County Detention Center in Bozeman, MT and also the Corner for the county.

She asked for my help. She had received a call from the Sheriff’s Office that has jurisdiction over the area around Hurricane, UT. Apparently, her mother passed away. She lived by herself and was discovered by the deputies responding to a welfare check submitted by someone in her Mormon Stake (their name for a church).

She died of natural causes, but let’s just say the scene was an embarrassing mess. Vanessa was not expecting to deal with something like this and none of her mom’s siblings would help.

After thinking how unfair all of this was I told her she had me, but I couldn’t afford to fly there (fly into Las Vegas and then drive). So, the 27 hour drive began. I had a lot of mixed feelings about all of this including that this was not supposed to be the end of her life…not like this.

There was a lot to do when I arrived, but we all pitched in and managed to get it done. The day before her funeral, I was feeling so incredibly sad that I had to go for a drive around the city. It wasn’t long and I felt Barbara sitting next to me in the vehicle and I was being given hints where to turn. It didn’t take long I suddenly found myself sitting in the parking lot of her stake. That’s where I lost it.

Anyway, the next day, the trip back home began right after the funeral. My former sister-in-law, Helen, talked with me on and off along the way. I stopped in Flagstaff for the night.

The next day, it was strongly suggested that a drive to the four corners area to visit the Cheney National Monument would be good to get my mind off of things.

Upon arrival, I finally remembered this is where the Hopi Nation had built their classic adobe apartment-like homes. These sit in a deep valley with a river and extremely tall mountain very close.

One of the rangers, a Hopi native woman approached me and said something like, “You don’t have much time here to see everything. Follow the route to the canyon ridge and visit there seven observation points. You need to do this….”. Interesting….

I was making my way around the route she suggested when I ran into one that was called “Massacre Point.” As I approached, I noticed I could see their ancient home far below, but then something suddenly began to happen that became overwhelming.

It was as if a ton of rock plunged down upon my shoulders and upper body, I fell abruptly to me knees, then on all fours. I was crying in pain. It felt like I was being hit by something repeatedly.

Finally, it began to release me, but my energy was depleted. Others around me helped me up asking what happened and was I okay. I had no idea what to say other than my body seemed to be in one piece. Someone explained to me that the reason this was called Massacre Point was that back in the 1100’s, Spanish Conquistadors had waited for the men of the village to leave on a hunting trip.

When they left, the soldiers moved in, collected all of the women, children, and elderly. They were herded to this spot and were pushed over the edge (at least a 1,000 foot drop) to their death. One woman decided to fight and take her murderer over the edge with her. That’s when I thought maybe what I had experienced was the collective fear and pain of all of their deaths.

When I finally made it back to my vehicle, my energy returned, but now this experience added to everything else that was on my mind. I started driving with the intent of spending the night in ABQ, but just kept on driving.

By sunrise, I was in a small town in west Texas and had to stop. Instead of renting a hotel room, I just leaned the seat back in one of their parking lots and immediately fell into a deep sleep and was immediately taken someplace else. None of what I was seeing made any sense.

When I came back, I drove the remaining distance home and was in my own bed by noon. I slept until the next day absolutely devoid of any dreams that I could recall. The next day, all I could remember was that I had been to my ex-wife’s funeral and that was all.

A few months later, I attended Tom Campbell’s first “My Big TOE” course at TMI-Faber, VA. These were different exercises than the norm because Tom wanted students to experience how these OBE experiments began using just tones of a single frequency to test for impact and effectiveness.

During his fourth exercise, I began moving into an altered state when suddenly I felt two sets of hands grab me by the shoulders and jerk me….literally jerk me out of my body like I was getting the “bums rush.”

The guides took me into an ancient building/castle and down a large hall with walls made of dark oak and old pictures of people hanging on the walls. I saw us rushing down the hall with them still hanging onto my shoulders when suddenly we slammed through the wall at the end of the hallway. I hit my head on something and one of the guides said, “Boy, I’ll bet that hurt!” Funny…right? Ever thought of becoming a comedian on late night TV?

Anyway, we ended up in an arena that kind of reminded me of an open coliseum. I could see a lot of people wandering around. My guides took me to one small group and as I approached, I felt myself being drawn to one little girl who had wavy, rich brown hair, with deep blue eyes, and a knowing smile. She was just a baby of maybe three. I felt as if I had always loved her, but had not seen her for a very long time.

My guides let me go as they settled me down in front of her. She bean talking, explaining a lot of things, but i couldn’t resist picking her up and holding her on my lap. I missed her soooooooooo much…but why?

Then, a short woman, young and attractive…at least to men approached me standing very close looking up at me and said, “You came back?!” She couldn’t believe I was there with them.

Then it occurred to me, it was like a curtain had been raised…finally…this was my wife and the little girl was my daughter. Though I was happy to finally be with them, I was also extremely sad because I felt as if I had let them down by not being there with them.

We held each, cried, and never wanted to be separated again. But, my SG’s had a different idea. “It’s time to go,” I heard them say. I refused to let them go, but the SG’s had a way of making it happen and I was propelled back through the hall and pushed back into my body.

When I opened my eyes and realized where I was, I was a mess and exhausted. Again, all I could do was roll out of the CHEC Unit and fall on the floor. It took a while for my energy to come back and to get anchored.

Good thing Tom was available because I needed to talk with him. To say he was astounded would be an understatement. It’s just amazing the experiences a person can have during these exercises.

Okay….I’m done now.

LOL…you’re so funny. Yep, you can do what you think is best with anything I write. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Keith, I remember that pic. It was a picture of Andrea B. If I can find it in my older pics, I’ll post it.

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Hi Candie….I’m still amazed at how much that picture reminds me of Linda. It’s likely my psychological predisposition making that interpretation. But still…..what are the odds?!!!