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Adrian is an author on Sovereign Abilities. He is currently living in Budapest, Hungary.
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[…] Part Two · Urban Sasquatch Mysteries […]

I’m super glad you’re using your telepathy. It’s the Universal language and they clearly use it too. The sasquatch I had contact with used their own telepathy on me. I bet they were reading me long before any incidences even started. They are so intelligent. Very cool article. I know they have so many abilities but I never thought about the food aspect of how they live and how that would change their body type and looks, just as it does to humans. Very interesting!

Same here. When I had that contact they always read me too.

Harris Ricardo

I do know the feeling, always been a believer but firmly convinved myself after all these years that I had never actually proved to myself the facts as I believed them to be.


So are you still a believer, just not sure about the facts, or have you come to the conclusion that they dont exist?

Oh yes I do believe they exist.


Cool article! I have a friend that saw a bigfoot in his yard. They had left a big barrel of honey on their back porch that they got from their bees. The bigfoot was picking up the barrel but he put it down when my friend opened the back door. He just ran away to the woods.

You’re making us curious now and why you had to run for the hills, Adrian!

Very good article, Adrian. I’ve always been interested in bigfoot. I bet you get pictures of them.

I never intentionally tried to photograph them and honestly, I was still so clueless that they were all around where I lived. That big guy came to me for a picture. I think you’re right Adrian, let them decide when you get your picture because you will get one when you are least expecting it. The sasquatch are so far ahead of us. They know our intent the minute we do.

My understanding came from what I saw and that, “knowing” they give you. The Sasquatch do communicate with you and it can come to you in many forms, just not vocally. We all have a vibration in our energy fields. In this dense body we vibrate at a slow rate. That slow vibration is what makes it hard to see what a camera can see, or anything really, that vibrates at a higher rate than our physical bodies. The Sasquatch made it clear to me that they can be right in front of us. They can simply seem to vanish, to our physical eyes, by raising their vibration to a rate that our eyes can’t see.

The large male was not holding his child in the picture. I know it’s hard to see but the child is in front of his legs. They seemed to disappear exactly at the same time to my eyes.

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Richard Harris

Like you I am reluctant to think they don’t exist, too many sighting’s and footprints, my question is “Where is the bones from one dying or do they merge back into another dimension?” But I have watched over the years for some one to
find bones but so far as I know, none have turned up…so I surmise that they are not of this world. Just like UFO, been a fan for years, saw several attempts by g’ovt to cover up..such as in Roswell, but I have pics of small craft on my time line of pics taken in CA and OR of the same craft with no visable means of support. Strange writing on it indicates a message of some sort, but what if any does the story tell?


A valid question. I dont know the answer but would like to throw in a couple of thoughts. Have you heard about the Sasquatch genome project?
There was a well financed effort to prove the existence of bigfoot. Samples of blood, hair, saliva, and even flesh tissue were collected for DNA analysis. According to the analysis it was unknown DNA! The results were sent to mainstream scientific journals, and not one of them was willing to publish it. Even the laboratories who were doing the testing threatened with lawsuits if their names were to be mentioned. There was another researcher who for years tried to show his scientific colleagues his evidence, they always declined to look at it.
I think with effort it’s possible to obtain bones, however to prove it to be from bigfoot is another issue.
If they are not of this world why do they have local adaptations? In different regions of the world they look different. There seem to be some correlation between area and their appearance. In order to adapt to an environment a species has to spend lots of time in it.

So, here’s something way out there but isn’t the whole topic, a little out there, to mainstream? When I lived in the mountains in the Ozarks and had my own experiences with sasquatch, I had some obscure information come my way. I was given a knowing about where sasquatch came from before they came to earth. This, of course, is my own knowing and I’m not saying this is the answer, however, this is what I was given.

I was given that originally, the sasquatch people were more human looking and had dark skin. They lived on Pluto. Pluto was an aggressive, warring planet and the people there had lost all connection to their spirituality. Terrible atrocities went on in the last civilization that lived on Pluto and they, like earth, reached a point where life could no longer be sustained. Just like earth, each makes the decision on where to go after physical death so many moved on. However, many decided to come to earth to sustain their physical lives and to start over. They have been here longer than this civilization has existed.

Anyway, that’s my take.

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We’ve always called Sasquatch, Sisimit and believe them to be spiritual creatures of high intelligence. In Mexico they look thinner than the ones in USA. Here’s a picture of what we call Sisimit

Sorry, they added an O to it now but our people call it Sisimit.

Richard Harris


Amazing after all these years and so little concrete evidense of their existence, tho I do feel they are real and have very unusual ablities, I think the fading away or disappearing is just part of their thing. There is way more that we aren’t aware of yet. Thanks Vickie

I do wonder if our governments deny their existence because they also know sasquatch would be hunted relentlessly until they were extinct. With so many people on the planet it’s surprising that they can still hide so well.

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