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Michal, that is really good picture! It’s very clear too. Great job. Could you see anything with your eyes?

Wow! That’s a super clear picture, Michal. Great job! Are you doing the photo lessons here on the site?

Great job Michal! You got a result so fast. Vickie you can count me in too, soon I get the tripod. A friend of mine made this syncronistic picture when we went to the origin of a creek.

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oops, that didnt work, seems I cant paste pics in the comments, Vickie please delete it if necessary.

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[url=]free image hosting website[/url]

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Adrian, Yay that you’re doing the photos with us. This way we can share what we take pictures of and help each other with ideas.

If you want to link a picture you just use the link tool below the post. It looks like two chain links. I’ll take a look and see about making it easier to share links and pictures but for now use that link button to link your image.

I’m going to put up a gallery where we can easily upload and share the pictures we get.

Good picture!

Michal, I love the pic. Orb photography is one of interests. They absolutely fascinate me. Your blue orb reminds me of a story that my friend, Laurin Bellg, wrote about in her book, Near-Death in the ICU. I look forward to your reading your posts.

(I’m not sure of the rules here yet, so I didn’t post a link to Laurin’s book. I’m very new and don’t know the protocol yet.)

Hello Candie, You can post links to articles and books for sure. We would love to read them. Did you see my orb post? A room full of sparkles You are sure welcome to write a post and add pictures of your orbs. We would LOVE to see your pictures.

We had started Intuitive Photography lessons on the website in the fall. Michal got an excellent picture for sure. I’m not sure if I’ve seen one quite that clear. Anyway, the weather just got too bad to continue the lessons so we are resuming in the spring.

Thanks for the link to the post. I just read it and watched the videos and commented. Oh, how I love those orb videos. They are so much fun.