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I think I’m ready. I don’t have the best camera but I think it will be ok. My brother gave me a tripod and I see why I need it. I’m excited for lesson 2

I just finished with lesson 1 and ready to join in. Michal, that is one of the best orb pics I seen. Anyway, glad I found this website. There’s a lot of interesting posts. I will read a long time. I am Mayan and the Pyramids posts brought me here. My grandmother speaks of this same thing as in your posts here.

I just listened to your podcast with Maverick and heard all about the pictures on the intuitive photography page! I haven’t seen enough of this magnificent website yet apparently! Wow girl… love what you’ve captured. I’m going to have to play with this.
I was wondering, with the iPhone, can you record in slo-motion to get the slowed down movement you mentioned we need?

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