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[…] Intuitive Pictures· Dome over Houston, Texas· Golden Rod UFOs· Various other UFOs· […]

I am soooo intrigued! Do you believe that if we are open to seeing anything out of the ordinary that we can see it? I read somewhere that when Columbus sailed his ships, the people in what he called San Salvadore couldn’t begin to see the ships because they didn’t exist in their reality. What is your thought on this?

Hi Cari, I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I had really never seen an orb until Vickie showed the video of her dog on this site. Then I realized that I had been seeing those little sparkles, as she calls them, and had no idea that was live consciousness. It was mind blowing to take that picture of the orb in my room and to see what was there. I don’t think I would have tried that if I hadn’t seen Vickies video. Taking that picture has opened me up to knowing more too. Like now I understand that thing about how all things exist in the same space so therefore space doesn’t exist. It’s true! If there is live consciousness all around us, all the time, then it proves we all exist in the same space but in different densities of energy.

Thats how I got my first gift from the Sasquatch, I saw what Vickie recieved from them, that made me try the gifting, and it worked immediately. I wonder how many possibilities there are, if we would just know about them and try them.

I’m going to follow her video instructions on this so I can play too… exciting stuff awaits us all! Thanks Michal.