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Paul van Eymeren

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Good article Paul. I heard of a lucid dreamer /Robert Wagonner/ who made love with 3 women in the next room while being in a lucid dream state, during a class trip. Next morning they mentioned he was quite the Romeo during the night, all 3 of them had a dream of making love with him.

That can raise a serious dilemma for lucid dreamers. If someone is married and makes love with another women in a shared lucid dream can it be considered cheating?

I first thought I would stay away from this one but you all know me; an opinion on everything. lol. I don’t think anything experienced in dreamtime, OB or any other experience is cheating. There isn’t such a thing as “monogamy” except in these physical bodies.

Are you sure? What about hybrid children with ETs than? Having children with ETs is a cause for divorce for sure. lol

People that have hybrid children with ETs are doing that in their physical bodies. That would definitely become a problem in a marriage. I said, in my last post, that I don’t think experiences in OB and dreamtime are cheating. What I meant was in a not-embodied state. Being forced to bear hybrid children isn’t cheating either, that’s rape and it’s physical.

Men and women both have sexual dreams and that’s not cheating. Sex is also experienced in the out of body state but it’s way different. You are not embodied in an OB state so it’s a powerful energy union. It’s not something you have physical feelings for. It’s done because you deeply love someone and you are making a bond. People don’t usually stay as a couple in the OB state for long. They do sometime for a while but then move on. They always have a bond with that person. They share lifetimes together but we are all at different levels in our growth so each would likely choose different lives and different embodiments (or no body) after a time. These are what we see as, “Soul Mates”.

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